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Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden 宠物墓园 at Nirvana Memorial Park Semenyih

The death of a pet can leave a deep void and create a great amount of sorrow for some. What you’re left with are memories of precious moments spent with them.Coming to terms with the loss is not an easy process, but it can be managed if you choose to channel your grief through a unique avenue – creating a special shrine in honor of your treasured buddy. This could be done at the first ever Pet Memorial Garden located within the Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih.

富贵集团的创意新点子层出不穷! 因为我们更深切的了解您和宠物之间 “剪不断 , 理还乱” 的密切关系, 所以特地在富贵山庄一塊上好的地段, 设立大马第一个宠物墓园,为您心爱的宠物安排一个装潢优雅的后花园. 这座墓园,将成为您对逝去宠物永远的怀念地標.


富贵山庄宠物墓园, 设计以现代化的装潢为考量, 幽雅 , 寧静为主题 . 它延续您与宠物之间的深厚感情. 通过宠物墓园的具体设施和精致碑誌, 充分的呈现出来. 此外也形成了优美环境和精心设计所匯成的不巧纪念.

Nirvana Pet Garden

Nirvana Pet Block D Urn Compartment 富贵宠物骨灰閣 

A gift of love for your "Companionship"

Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden, a beautiful memorial which is complimented by verdant ambience and sublime serenity for our beloved pet to rest in peace. It is indeed a true embodiment of our relentless pursuit of perfection that only the unending love between you and your pet could match.


Pet Urn Compartment:

Price From    : RM 3,400.

Pet Burial Land:

Price From    : RM 7,500.

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Nirvana Pet Burial Image1
Nirvana Pet Burial Image 2

NIRVANA Pet Funeral Package (For Dogs &Cats only)

This is an exclusive service offering a one-stop funeral facility for your beloved pet. This exclusively designed and caring service can bring for the pet owner a total peace of mind and hassle-free solution. The owner can witness the dignity of the last journey of their beloved pet with sweet memories.


The service flows are as follow:

  • Door to door pick up service – the remains of your pet.(The service is restricted to the radius of 35km from Nirvana Memorial Centre, Kuala Lumpur)

  • The remains will be put into a seal bag and handle hygienically and transported to the Pet Memorial Garden.

  • Disinfection of the remains.

  • Providing of a Pet Casket (standard design)

  • Casket elaborately decorated with flowers.

  • The remains will be buried within 24 hours after arriving at the Pet Memorial Garden.

  • Burial hole dug and prepared for burial before the remains arrived at the Pet Memorial Garden.

  • Placing of casket into burial hole and covered.

  • Burial plot will be landscaped.

  • The erection of tombstone with inscriptions according to the pet owner’s choice.


富貴寵物殡葬配套 (仅限猫和狗宠物而已)



  • 上门领取与运送寵物的遺體(在吉隆坡富貴紀念館方圓三十五公里範圍內)。

  • 在衛生處理情況下,將寵物遺體置放密封的遺體袋內,由专车載。

  • 送到富貴寵物墓园。

  • 由专人细心进行遺體消毒工作。

  • 將寵物遺體置放到特制的优质标准寵物棺木.

  • 以精致花飾裝饰寵物棺木,让花飾长伴寵物安息。

  • 寵物遺體运达富貴寵物墓园後 ,24小时内安排下葬。

  • 在寵物下葬前, 挖掘寿洞。

  • 寵物棺木放在寿洞後, 蓋上黄土。

  • 下葬後进行美化墓地工作。

  • 把事先刻好碑字的墓碑豎立, 墓碑字样会依据寵物主人的喜好与选择而制。

Pet Funeral Package:

Price From    : RM 2,300.

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Pre-Planning & Sales Enquiry:

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