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Nirvana Malaysia provide integrated premium funeral services that cover funeral consultation and planning, transportation, embalming, cosmetology and preparation for viewing, cremation and funeral ceremonies. We also offer funeral related products and services, including caskets, urns, cremation memorial products, Taoist and Buddhist handcrafted paper models, flowers, catering services, photography and other ancillary services. We provide funeral services at our funeral homes, third-party owned funeral homes, churches and the homes of our customers.


Our funeral services packages are tailored according to our customers’ respective cultural and religious practices. We offer our funeral services packages both on an as-need and a pre-need basis. As-need services and products are sold to customers who, at the time, have immediate need for the services and products for deceased loved ones. Pre-need services and products are sold to customers who wish to pre-arrange their own or their loved ones’ funeral services.



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Nirvana offers 5 types of packages for your selection and of course, within their specific financial budget which are:-

1) NV Honour (Buddhist & Taoist)

2) NV Elegant (Buddhist & Taoist)

3) NV Harmony (Buddhist & Taoist)

4) NV Gracious (Christian / Catholic)

5) NV Blessing (Christian / Catholic)

Columbarium is a structure that houses urn compartments or niches for placement of ashes or cremated remains stored in funeral urns. At Nirvana Malaysia, each compartment carries a unique design with individuality in mind. The spacious and comfortable relaxation resting exudes a strong sense of harmony and serenity.


Such an ideal final resting place fosters prosperity, wealth, health and longevity for posterity as the departed rest in peace. Feel free to choose from the single, double or family urn compartments at affordable prices. Our columbarium cater to the Buddhists, Taoists, Christians, etc.

在富貴山莊,每個骨灰靈位與個別的石柱空間都有著獨特設計,巧妙地融合當代創意和極致工藝的各式骨灰靈位,讓客戶擁有更大的選擇空間,包括:個人骨灰閣、雙位骨灰閣及家庭骨灰閣, 設計奪目典雅,充分展現獨特的空間藝術和人文巧思,為往生淨土營造清淨、雅緻的妙境。

nirvana memorial columbarium

Buddhist / Taoist Columbarium Lot

nirvana christian columbarium

Christian / Catholic Columbarium Lot

Nirvana Memorial Park is featured with its outstanding landscaping, lush greenery, beautiful flora and contemporary sculpture, thereby the burial plot is a place with peacefulness atmosphere for the resting of the departed loved ones. Splendidly designed with garden style memorial park, Nirvana comes with a variety of burial plots choices, which family plots, double plots, single plots are all featured with different tomb designs located at good Fengshui land.


nirvana semenyih family plot

Buddhist / Taoist Burial Lot

nirvana semenyih royal burial

Christian / Catholic Burial Lot

NV Seed is overwhelmed with the mightiness of a dragon. Lying on the stout back of the dragon-turtle means added peace of mind. It is most appropriate for people looking for a better career advancement and luck for wealth. This land of fortune commands a set of imposing Fengshui dynamics, driven by a majestic dragon, which is protected by the green-dragon and white-tiger guardians on both sides as it rides on the stout back of the dragon-turtle.


NV Seed overlooks an expansive opening flourished by vibrant, unobstructed waterways alongside a colorful fertile soil, set in a vigorous environment. A good, effective Sheng Ji lies in its ability to amass spirited ‘qi’ from the universe and Nirvana is holding the key. This auspicious land emanates the mightiness of a dragon while being embraced by vigorous waterways in close proximity, making it a Fengshui perfect environment for fostering good fortune. It is most appropriate for people looking for a better career advancement and luck for wealth. Additionally, if you desire the guidance from a godsend, this is the right place to start with.

龙龟生基园来龙气势雄壮有力,靠山如龙龟背,圆浑饱满,龙虎左右护卫,明堂开阳不逼迫,前有山水环抱,土质温润现五色,生气蓬勃;种生基是为了吸收 大地山水龙脉的生气磁场,如此地理,求之不得。此地来龙雄浑有力,落脉在下停风水毡唇处,离环抱水又最靠近,是乘旺抢运的绝佳地理,特别是对事业财运及个人做事魄力上的加持,提升贵人缘等,有特别强的风水效应。

Nirvana Sheng Ji Altar

Sheng Ji Altar

nirvana sheng ji dragon turtle

NV Seed Sheng Ji Lot

Ancestral Tablet has been the very symbol of Chinese ancestral worship that dates back to the ancient Shang Dynasty. Ancestral Tablet takes up the central position at the altar of any traditional Chinese home. It is a sacred item that connotes the virtue of filial piety. Ancestral Tablets in Nirvana Memorial Parks are good alternatives for couples who do not have time to attend to the worship rituals at home.


The evolution of time is changing the way we pay homage to our ancestors. In an effort to promote the beauty of saluting our ancestors, we offer thoughtful Memorial Tablets which are placed in an elegant, air-conditioned hall, in the company of godliness for eternal memorial honouring while accommodating the modern lifestyle.

慎重追遠的傳統,是中國文化的核心,也是孝道的具體表現。 在富貴山莊莊嚴雅致的大殿供奉神祖牌靈位,是最佳的選擇,它免卻您因忙碌而不克親自拜祭的煩惱。 配合時代變遷及推廣敬祖侍親的傳統美德所推出的神主靈位,迎合現代家庭的需求,將神主靈位供奉在堂皇高雅大堂,亦有冷氣設備、佛謁相伴,體現永恆的追思。

Nirvana Memorial Garden Hall

NV Ancestral Tablet Hall

NV Ancestral Tablets

NV Ancestral Tablet

A gift of love for your "Companionship"

Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden, a beautiful memorial which is complimented by verdant ambiance and sublime serenity for our beloved pet to rest in peace. It is indeed a true embodiment of our relentless pursuit of perfection that only the unending love between you and your pet could match.


NV Pet Garden

NV Pet Urn Compartment

NV Pet Garden Lots

NV Pet Burial Lot

Pre-Planning & Sales Enquiry:

Mr. Yap (012-391 9168)


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